A new form of identification will be required for air travel within the U.S. starting May 3, 2023

Alert regarding CalHR's release of PML providing guidance on AB 1887 provisions

After a competitive bid process, the Department of General Services Statewide Travel Program contracted with TravelStore as the only authorized Travel Management Service Provider for all State of California Government Travel. 

The Statewide Travel Program provides the most economical rates available through the use of contracted travel-related services for airfare, car rentals, travel, and fuel payment system.

The following entities are invited to participate in the state program:

  • State Departments
  • Community Colleges
  • California State Universities
  • K-12 Public School Districts
  • Local Governments (City/County)
  • Special Districts

For more information on the program, please visit : www.dgs.ca.gov/OFAM/Travel.

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These FAQs answer common questions about how to participate and take advantage of the travel benefits available to State employees…

ATTENTION! No later than April 4, 2024, your agency will transition to the new contracted travel agency. Your Concur login and profile information will remain the same. Additional action items will be communicated to you closer to the transition date. Further details about the transition will be forthcoming from your agency. In the interim, questions should be directed to your agency travel coordinator(s).