In support of cost-effective government travel and transparent expense reporting, the Department of General Services would like to remind government travelers of the benefits of the Statewide Travel Program:

  • Provide consistency, accountability, transparency, and reduces travel costs by establishing one travel agency.
  • Consolidate all travel arrangement and ticketing activity for the State of California‚Äôs business under one integrated travel agency.
  • Assist state departments in reducing their travel spend by providing immediate assistance, control, efficiency, and monitoring.
  • Consolidation by offering a one-stop, self-serve site for all travel needs.
  • Accountability through simplified and enforceable travel policies across the government.
  • Immediate access to all government traveler itineraries during disasters and/or catastrophes.

For more information on the program, please visit : www.dgs.ca.gov/OFAM/Travel

To reach the Statewide Travel Program, please email: StatewideTravelProgram@dgs.ca.gov